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About this class

Come join us as we present four different perspectives, share stories of our own experiences with creative practice, and get some actionable tips, tricks and exercises to help you push through creative blocks.
We all have neural pathways for creativity, and we’ll be sharing practical hands-on techniques for strengthening those pathways so that we no longer rely on willpower, but can instead lean on our habits for getting started and following through.
All sessions will be recorded and available to watch over and over, because sometimes you need to hear things more than once.
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Class Schedule:

Thursdays 12-2 PM EST 

November 3rd - Heidi 

November 10th - Libs 

November 17th - Carolyn 

December 1st - Tara

Please note, we will be taking the week of November 21-25 off for American Thanksgiving break.

Weekly Check in Schedule:

Come  meet with each of us for an informal get together to share thoughts and ask questions.  Each check in will be hosted by the previous week's instructor.

Tuesdays 12-1 PM EST 

November 8th - Heidi 

November 15th - Libs 

November 29th - Carolyn 

December 6th - Tara

All sessions will be recorded if you have to miss one.

What's included in the course?

• Four instructional and interactive Zoom sessions with all four instructors 

• Four weekly Zoom check-ins to reflect on your practice and mingle with other participants, led by a different instructor each week

• Class time will be a mix of presentations, live exercises to kindle creativity and time for Q & A

• Students will receive some pre-recorded content, PDF downloads, and a specially curated resources page to continue on this path after class

• Weekly live check-ins to mingle, reflect, and ask questions

• Live class time will be attended by all four teachers

• This is a large-format class

• All sessions will be recorded and available to view for one year on the Thinkific platform

We believe that human beings have an innate right to creative expression and that this class is for EVERYONE. We are quilters, and will emphasize that medium, but you can access this class if you are totally new to sewing or if you’ve been sewing for decades.

Location: Toronto, Canada
Making quilts since: 2008
Go-to quilting techniques: Using computer programming to design my quilts.
When I need a shift in perspective: I go for a walk outside then come back refreshed.
"In the same way that we have tools for making quilts, it’s also key to have a toolkit we can rely on for getting through those dips in our creative flow."
Libs Elliott headshot

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Making quilts since: 2013
Go-to quilting techniques: Visible hand piecing and improv hand quilting.
When I need a shift in perspective: I do an inversion with my FeetUp Trainer.
"When I unearth a limiting belief that I have about quilting- I feel set free, and instantly both curious and more creative."
Heidi Parkes

Location: Lake Wales, Florida
Making quilts since: 2007
Go-to quilting techniques: FPP, hand appliqué, machine and hand quilting
When I need a shift in perspective: I change out the stuff (quilts, photos, swatches, ephemera) on the walls in my house, and I might even move the furniture around.
“Developing good creative habits allows you to think with your hands.”
Carolyn Friedlander headshot

Location: Oakland CA
Making quilts since: 2000 or 2001
Go-to quilting techniques: hand piecing, paper peicing
When I need a shift in perspective: I try a new technique and see how it feels.
“I’ve made trying and failing a habit, it helps me get rid of fear and allows me to tap into my curiosity!”
Tara Faughnan


  • How long do I have access to the course?

    All class materials and recordings will be available for you to watch until the end of 2023.

  • What if I can’t make these dates?

    The live class sessions will all be recorded, so catch up when you have time!

  • Are these classes live or recorded?

    Both! There are weekly live Zoom sessions with all 4 instructors, and some prerecorded content will be available as well.

  • Is this an On-Demand or Live class?

    This is a live Zoom class taking place through December 6, 2022. After that, the class will be available On-Demand, for the same price.

  • Can I download the videos?

    Sorry, all content is only available to watch on Thinkific, but there are some resources that can be downloaded for you to keep. Please note, you will need internet access to watch the videos on Thinkific.

  • Can I get a refund?

    There are no refunds or exchanges on Creative Habits classes, as you will have access to some content right away.

  • Will I be making a quilt?

    No, the classes will focus on creative exercises, and give you actionable content to take forward into your own creative practice.

  • How quickly will I be able to access the recordings after the live sessions?

    It will take about 3 to 24 hours to make the recordings available after class.

  • Still have a question?

    Email us at [email protected]

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